Central Section Overview

In parallel with the more advanced work on the Western Section, the Consortium has been working to identify a route to extend the Western Section of East West Rail to Cambridge, to connect with the East Coast Main Line and thus enable train services to operate between Oxford and Cambridge and on to Norfolk and Suffolk.

The former railway between Bedford, Sandy and Cambridge was closed in the 1960s and some of the land has been sold and developed for other uses. Within the overall East West Rail project this is therefore the most difficult and costly part of the route to reinstate.

As part of its ongoing work to realise the vision of improved rail services to connect the East of England with West, Central and Southern England, the Consortium commissioned Atkins Consulting to identify where economic activity and potential growth could be supported through improvements to public rail links and train services.

Their final report (published 18th August 2014) shows that improved rail connections and services could deliver sufficient economic benefit to justify investment. Network Rail is now undertaking work to evaluate how improved services could be delivered to realise the greatest benefit.

See Central Section Route Selection page for updates on this work.

Follow the links below for details of the study concluded by Atkins Consulting.
East West Rail Central Section Conditional Outputs Statement – Executive Summary
East West Rail Central Section Conditional Outputs Statement – Final Report

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