Crossings & Rights of Way

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East West Rail : Bedford to Oxford, Milton Keynes to Aylesbury

First Published July 2013
Updated February 2015 and February 2016

Railway Crossings

Network Rail will do everything we can to raise public awareness of the potential danger at railway crossings – particularly amongst young people. Since 2010, we have reduced risk at level crossings by 20% and we will continue this programme into the future. The annual safety report published by the Office of Rail Regulation (16 July 2013) shows that Britain is now the best in Europe at managing level crossing safety.

Whenever possible, we are committed to removing level crossings. We will work with local communities and other partners to provide alternative access across the railway if this is feasible. Otherwise we will make crossings safer.

East West Rail Crossing Task Force

There are more than 100 crossings and rights of way along the East West Rail route between Bedford to Oxford and Milton Keynes to Aylesbury. We have set up a Railway Crossing Task Force to maximise Network Rail and local authority skills and expertise to help find appropriate solutions to either close, divert or make crossings safer.

Each level crossing will be assessed according to the proposed addition of East West Rail core services. A second assessment will also be completed to incorporate the additional risks associated with electrification of the line.

Dialogue with local communities

The Railway Crossing Task Force will work together with local communities to find an appropriate resolution for each crossing. The Task Force has been set up to make sure local authorities and their constituents have an input and a say in how we tackle the issues and find the right solutions together.


We are still at an early stage in the East West Rail programme delivery and the process to find solutions for all crossings along the line will take time, collaboration and patience. We welcome the input of the local community to help us find the right solutions. In this way, we’re working together to deliver a railway that will minimise potential risk to those who need to cross the lines.

We have started the assessment and consultation process our aim is to find an appropriate solution for each railway crossing point in time for the reopening of the line.