Proposed station at Steeple Claydon

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Proposed station at Steeple Claydon

Published October 2014
Updated February 2016


This information sheet sets out the current situation regarding a potential station at Steeple
Claydon, currently being advocated by local communities and Buckinghamshire County


The East West Rail project has been promoted by the East West Rail Consortium and
subsequently adopted by the Department for Transport for delivery by March 2019 by
Network Rail. The project involves the reconstruction and upgrading of currently mothballed
or underused railway line between Bedford and Oxford, Milton Keynes and Aylesbury in
order to introduce passenger and freight train services between Bedford and Oxford, Milton
Keynes and Aylesbury and beyond.

Steeple Claydon is located along the East West Rail route and is adjacent to the proposed
site of a future High Speed 2 (HS2) Infrastructure Maintenance Depot (IMD). This could also
serve as the site of a construction depot whilst HS2 is being built.

As part of the East West Rail scheme promoted by the Consortium, no station was planned
at Steeple Claydon. However, there is an aspiration from the local community and local
councils for a station to be built in the Steeple Claydon area on the East West Rail route to
support transport links serving HS2’s proposed IMD. A number of petitions to the HS2 hybrid bill committee have been made in support of the provision of a new station.

To assist the petition process, the local community supported by local authorities
commissioned a feasibility study and outline business case which was presented to the HS2
Select Committee on 13th October 2015. The slide show evidence can be found here (pages
28 to 49).

Currently, Buckinghamshire County Council with Steeple Claydon Parish Council have
indicated a preferred location adjacent to the Queen Catherine Road level crossing given its
proximity to the outer edge of the IMD and accessibility for the local community. The findings of the feasibility study set this out as the preferred location.

The HS2 Select Committee is expected to present its findings and recommendations on 22nd
February 2016.

What is Network Rail’s position?

Network Rail will make ‘passive provision’ proposals for a station at the proposed Queen
Catherine Road location. This is specified by the Department for Transport and supported by
the East West Rail Consortium.

This means that whilst the addition of the station is not currently in the scope of the East
West Rail project, technical provision will be made to enable a station to be built at the
proposed location should funding be agreed in the future.

Next Steps

Network Rail appointed a consultant, Parsons Brinkerhoff, to carry out the design and
development work needed to take the East West Rail project forward. This includes
timetable modelling, producing signalling and track designs, and developing the ecology and
environmental requirements for the project.

As part of their work during 2015, Parsons Brinkerhoff carried out a technical feasibility
assessment for the provision of a station at the Queen Catherine Road location. This was
with a view to developing the location so that if a station was to be later specified and funded
it could be built without compromising the wider East West Rail design. The purpose was to
ensure that no changes would be needed to signalling and track arrangements and thus
minimising cost and disruption.

Enquiries and Further Information

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For enquiries about HS2 Mitigation in Buckinghamshire, please contact Thomas Fitzpatrick,
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For enquiries about East West Rail, please contact the East West Rail Consortium by email or phone Caryl Jones, Communications Manager on 07785