Eastern Section Overview

The railway east of Cambridge is extensively used by freight as well as providing passenger services. There were no direct passenger trains between Cambridge and Norwich until an hourly service was introduced in September 2002.

This was the result of a successful joint bid by Anglia Railways and the East West Rail Consortium to the Strategic Rail Authority and the award of a £9.2m grant from the Rail Passenger Partnership Fund.

In December 2004 an hourly service from Ipswich to Cambridge was introduced, reflecting the increasing strategic importance of this important rail corridor.

While the railway infrastructure between from Ipswich and Norwich to Cambridge is already in place, the routes are potentially underused. Sections of single track restricts performance and capacity.

The East West Rail Consortium commissioned Atkins to deliver a Conditional Output Statement (COS) regarding potential enhancements on the Eastern Section.

This study is the first step of the long term planning process to identify future rail enhancement schemes as options for investment and delivery.

A summary of the study can be found here.