Improving journeys

East West Rail will drastically improve connectivity across the south, making the majority of the UK’s major towns and cities far easier to get to .

Better Connected

East West Rail will connect with all of the country’s inter-city main lines, reducing the need to travel across London for both passengers and freight. There will be connections to Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Scotland (via MK), Derby, Nottingham and Sheffield (via Bedford), Worcester, Hereford, Wales and the South West (through Oxford and Reading). (More details here)

Cutting journey times

East West Rail will significantly reduce overall journey times for passengers and freight. For example, Oxford to Bedford will take only an hour and Aylesbury to Milton Keynes just half-an-hour. (More details here)

Ending the cul-de-sacs

East West Rail will open up the rail ‘cul-de-sacs’ in Bicester and Aylesbury, putting Oxford, Milton Keynes, Bedford (and eventually Cambridge) within easy reach.

New arrivals

East West Rail includes new stations at Oxford Parkway and Winslow (and a redeveloped station at Bicester Village), putting tens of thousands more people within easy reach of rail travel.

Cutting congestion and C02

East West Rail will help ease congestion on our local roads, removing an estimated 1.5 million vehicles.

New arrival: There will be a new station at Winslow, linking the town to Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Oxford and Bedford (artist’s impression, subject to change).