The Consortium

The East West Rail Consortium was formed in 1995 with the objective of promoting and securing a strategic railway connecting East Anglia with Central, Southern and Western England, to include the re-instatement of a Cambridge to Oxford rail link and an upgraded line to Aylesbury.

The Consortium brings together local authorities and railway and regional stakeholders, along with local businesses and private sector partners from across the South East and East of England.

The Consortium was established by Ipswich Borough Council who provided the chairman until 2005; a role now undertaken by Cambridgeshire County Council.

A Joint Delivery Board of elected members from the eight local authorities through which the Western Section of East West Rail will pass was created in 2012, following the announcement of funding for the re-construction of this section.

A Central Section Governance Board of elected members was established in 2014 to represent the Consortium member authorities’ interests as work progresses to identify a preferred route and develop the business case to extend the Western section of East West Rail to enable services to run through Cambridge to East Anglia.

The Consortium holds an annual meeting to keep all members informed of project development.

Consortium members